About Us

Glaze partitions is a solution-oriented company that provides innovative efficiency systems to all types of businesses, residences and government agencies. Headquartered in Hyderabad,our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals, operating Pan-India Basis.

Our architectural interior solutions allow you to design and construct spaces that are modular, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable. Combining these solutions – Demountable glass a solid partitions, Sliding Folding movable walls, modular casework, access flooring, and office Storage – will optimize natural light, use low-emitting materials, and reduce construction waste. What makes the demountable partition walls different from any other type of office wall system is that it’s combined with optional integrated storage cabinets. Also, the demountable partition wall system is adaptable for future changes or reconfigurations whenever you desire.

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Email us with any questions or inquiries, We would be happy to answer your questions and set up a meeting with you.